Give you the opportunity to discover some of the most interesting multicultural facets of Montreal. The emphasis is put on the human, religious and physical history of both the Portuguese and Italian community of Montreal. The tours are approximately 3 hours in duration and always include a short introductory lecture, a guided tour through the neighborhood as well as a typical light snack.


Do you know the famous legend of Barceló’s rooster? Join us and you will learn all about it as you discover the charming and friendly « Little Portugal » area of Montreal. We will guide you through the neighborhood visiting some of its institutions and specialized grocery stores. We will reveal some of this culture’s interesting patrimony and even be tempted by the typical, beautiful handicraft. This tour also includes a stop in a local restaurant where you can savor a typical Portuguese speciality and coffee.


Discover the most important cultural and historical aspects of Little Italy, including a stop for espresso and cannoli, that famous Italian pastry. This tour includes stops to many of the businesses,corner stones to the Italian community on Dante Street and St.Laurent Blvd. You will also visit the magnificent La Madonna della Difesa, the oldest Italian church in all of Canada, Dante’s park, etc…